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We reap what we sow.

Approximately 350 acres are cared for by our dedicated farm crew.  On average, 90 acres of potatoes are planted every year.  We aren't your "average Joe" type of operation.  The soil is the life of our precious tubers.  We adhere to a 4-year crop rotation:  potatoes are planted one year while nutrient-rich field grasses are rotated in for the next 3 years.  These grasses are not harvested, but plowed under to restore the health back into the soil.  This practice is clearly seen to be beneficial when you look at the high quality potatoes we harvest.  Adding innovative planting and harvesting equipment provides us with beautiful, delicioius potatoes year in and year out.

Beautifully crafted by nature...




Our innovative 2-row harvester carefully scoops up fresh potatoes, removing any dirt clumps or vines.  We deposit them directly into our storage bins, reducing handling and bruising.  They travel back to the shop and chill out in our coolers until we're ready to pack them.

We create two beautiful rows of planted potatoes at a time.  Whole size B seed is preferred, which minimizes the risk of disease, helps ensure maximum yield and promotes quality.  

This ingenious machine removes large stones from the earth and places them in the tire tracks of the field.  What's left is a raised bed of lush soil, perfect for flourishing potatoes.

We're not done yet.

Crop rotations aren't the only way we grow awesome potatoes.  We actively employ integrative pest management and timely irrigation practices.  Our plants are spot-checked frequently for signs of critter damage or dehydration.  Paying close attention to the needs of our potatoes helps us protect their viability and the environment they live in.

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