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Old school meets new.

Adaptation and innovation have driven us to create one of the area's cleanest, most technologically advanced potato packing facilities.  Elvin Huntsinger was a leader in packaging equipment in 1921, which continues to influence our current packing process.  Today's technology allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality products on-time, every time.  This is the Huntsinger difference. 

Storing our spuds is really cool.  Literally.

All of the potatoes are stored inside one of our coolers, anywhere from 40-50 degrees at almost 100% humidity.  Each bin has a label which identifies when and where they were harvested, as well as what variety potato they are.  We can store potatoes from one season to the next.  Yeah.  That's awesome. 

Extreme clean.

We know how to clean potatoes.  Plain and simple.  Our barrel washer gently tumbles the spuds against one another, scrubbing and polishing once filthy potatoes into fine, squeaky clean specimens.  Take a look at our products and you'll understand.  

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

Meet Celox.

Our clean potatoes see their fate as they enter the Celox optical sorting and grading machine.  Here we can divide potatoes into multiple sizes and spit out the rejects with a push of a button.  Electronic eyes give us humans a helping hand, but they aren't fully ready to be packed until our veteran grading specialists give them a final inspection.  

We're your pack experts.

We deliver our products in a variety of shapes and sizes, from paper to plastic bags.  Each of our poly packs is faced with light-blocking material which keeps our prized potatoes from turning green.  Electronic weighing machines precisely distribute the appropriate weight into each bag, because nobody likes getting less than what they paid for.  We give each product a code, allowing us to pinpoint where any unforeseen problems came from.  Each of our products has a drop of Huntsinger pride inside that we share with every one of our customers. 

Stuff and stack, all in one.

Automation is a key component to our operation, which helps to increase production and protect employee health.  Potatoes cruise through the packing process, getting weighed and placed into a plastic or paper bag.  From there the consumer packs enter our automatic master baler, are sewn shut and sent off to be stacked with the robot palletizer.  Of course, we still have to do some packaging with our own hands, but our backs sure do appreciate the help.

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