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Our products, our difference.

We are finicky about details.  All of our potatoes are packed right here in Hegins, PA at our family-owned facility.  Adhering to strict quality standards separates our products from the rest, which is why each potato is thoroghly checked by our grading specialists.  We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.  Delivering the highest quality potatoes is our goal.  It's what we do.  

8# Poly


5# Poly

Baby B

Little potatoes, huge flavor.  A 1.5 pound bag of Petitetoes    delivers everything potato in a bite-size package.  Take your pick between red, white or gold with each having their own distinct flavor profiles to complement any meal.  They are great for sides, salads or appetizers and can be grilled, boiled, fried, roasted or smashed.  Our new red and gold packs can even be microwaved right in the bag.  However you like them, Petitetoes    can satisfy any appetite.

At 3 pounds, our Baby Bs are worth their weight in nutrition and flavor.  These babies come in red, white and gold.  Each variety adds a unique blend of textures and tastes to your potato experience.  Versatility makes potatoes great for many types of cooking.  Try grilling, frying, boiling and smashing to make them a part of an appetizer, salad, side or main dish. 

Premium.  Beautiful.  Satisfying.  Nutritious.  Our white 8 pounders deliver all of this and more.  Some of you like to eat a few more potatoes than what a smaller pack offers.  That's totally fine with us, we understand.  Bake or throw them on the grill for a meal fit for a king.

Our 5 pound bags of red, white, yellow or russet varieties are the classic packs in the produce aisle.  Similar to their smaller cousins, these size A spuds look great on your plate as a side to your favorite steak.  You can also make them the center of attention as a baked potato masterpiece meal.  Grill, boil, mash or bake.  Whatever your desire, these guys are delicious.  Trust us, we eat a lot of them.

Old Mill 10#

Here's a lot of potatoes for an affordable price.  There are families out there who like a lot of potatoes.  Thank you!  So here's a 10 pound paper bag of some fine US #1 size A whites.  You can do pretty much anything with these.  Bake, boil, dice, grill, or mash.  They taste great anyway you slice them.  

Good looks and high quality potatoes.  This 3 LB matte black bag has it all. The consistent size profile combined with a smaller pack size makes these potatoes great for smaller families who might not need quite as many taters hanging around kitchen. Tastes great grilled, roasted, baked or fried.  Can't get much better than that.

3# Poly

Quality potatoes for a healthy life...

Old Mill Specialty Frying

However you like to fry, our Old Mill Specialty Frying potatoes get the job done right.  Creating a potato to fry gorgeous white is a science and we nailed it. Optimal storage qualities and potato variety are the keys to success.  Whatever your frying needs, ask for the blue bag and get fried by Huntsinger Farms.   

The Blue Bag.

That's not all.  We cater to a lot of different clientele, from little league teams, school functions, clubs, fire companies and more.  We can customize orders to fit your needs with a variety of products, including US #2 and unclassified potatoes.  Just ask.  We're here to help.

Wait, there's more.

Endless possibilities.

There are more than 4,000 varieties of potatoes found throughout the world.  That's a lot.  They come in a slew of sizes, shapes and colors, each with a distinct taste.  Here are some of the more common spuds you will find here in the US.  






Reds are round with smooth, thin skin, white flesh and a mildly sweet flavor. Their waxy texture stays firm when cooked, making them ideal for potato salads, soups or stews.  Or mashed. Or anything, really.  

There is a tiny potato movement happening across the country and we have the goods.  Don't be fooled by their innocent, small stature.  These petite potatoes pack a huge punch when it comes to flavor and versatility.  Popular types are red, white, yellow and purple, each with their own unique taste qualities.  

These golden gems are round with yellow skin and flesh with a subtle rich, creamy flavor.  Their naturally smooth texture works wonderful for roasting, mashing or baking.

Russets are oblong with brown skin and white or pale yellow flesh.  Their delicate flavor and fluffy texture make them a nice potato for mashing or baking.  

White potatoes are normally round or oblong in shape with light tan skin, light flesh and a slightly sweet flavor.  Their delicate skin adds just the right amount of texture to mashed potatoes with no peeling needed.  

Eating healthy should taste good.

It's a great day when you can eat delicious food that is good for you.  Potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals and if you leave the skin on, you get some more fiber as well. Did you know there is more potassium in one medium size potato than there is in a banana?  Oh, and there's only 110 calories per serving.  Now that's something to brag about.  

We have become a very health conscious society and are trying to be more aware of what food is doing to our bodies.  Food labels are there to help us, but can be tricky to understand. So we decided to help you out.  On the back of our Baby B and Petitetoe   packs, there is a portion size tool you can use to determine how many servings of potatoes you are actually eating.  Let's be honest, you really don't know how big a 5.3 ounce potato is.  Simply place your desired amount of potatoes inside the circle and if it fits,  you're eating the right amount.  

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